You can go further with Trents Travel

We don't shy away from going the extra mile at Trents. We always seek to enhance and constantly add value to individual services, support our customers, and make their lives easier. This time, we have really broadened the range of our offering while broadening our customers' horizon. 

Logo OrbitWe're proud to offer Trents Travel, supplied in partnership with Orbit Holidays. Orbit Holidays negotiates travel packages and special rates through bulk purchase, and then offers them to Trents' customers. So as a Trents customer, you'll be able to see your dollar take you further.

To keep things really simple, we arranged that you can pay for your travel through your Trents charge through account.

Orbit offers both holiday and business travel services to business people. Trents understands that those in business need time off so through Orbit Travel we can offer fantastic holiday deals at all times of the year. We are impressed by the miles of experience clocked up by Orbit Holidays in delivering all types of travel and we are sure you will be too. 

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To join Trents Travel please first verify your account number, you will then be able to submit your company and contact details.