Preferred Partners

Putting our Customers First - Trents Preferred Partner Programme

We work hard to satisfy and delight our customers at every opportunity. Our reputation has been earned by delivering on our brand promises.  

We understand the challenges you face in your business, and with you in mind we offer the Trents Preferred Partner Programme. Being a partner gives you access to a raft of associated business partners. These partners include Chilled & Frozen, Fresh Produce and Meat right through to business solutions such as Insurance, Marketing, and Travel. All these services can be tailored to you. 

Unlike other programmes, with Trents you can choose which partners to include as and when you like, including our exclusive loyalty schemes Fly Buys and Airpoints.

All our suppliers and partners are selected on the merits of their products and services, and the integrity of their business operation. We regularly quality assess our suppliers and their processes to ensure that you, the customer, are provided with the best possible solutions by Trents Wholesale Ltd.