New Customers

If you are a registered business you can open an account with Trents.

There are 3 types of account you can have at Trents.

  1. Cash'n Carry - this account is best if you only want to buy from our Cash'n Carry stores. 
  2. Cash'n Carry Charge - this account is for customers who shop at our Cash'n Carry's but also want the ability to charge through goods and services that our preferred partners offer. 
  3. Serviced Account - this account is for customers who want their order delivered to their doorstep. With this account customers can also charge through goods and services from our preferred partners.  

If your purchases are likely to be under $250 a week a Cash'n Carry Account is best for you. To qualify for the Cash 'n Carry Charge or Serviced Account you must make a minimum of $250 worth of purchases per week. 

Submit your details below and one of our sales representatives will be in touch soon to discuss your needs. If you have any urgent questions please contact us.


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